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Evaluation Question 4: How did you integrate technologies- software, hardware and online- in this project?

 Here is the link to my Youtube video: Transcript:         My name is Cassiel Soto- Dominguez and I am back to respond to critical creative reflection #3. The question that I will be responding to is how did your production skills develop throughout this project? Prior to completing this project, I did have somewhat of an idea of how to edit pictures and edit videos. However, when I did start the process of actually editing my magazine that’s when it became more of a struggle. Completing preliminary tasks in the beginning allowed me to figure out what skills I needed to gain in order to create my final magazine. As seen with the images on the right side of the screen the images shown allowed me to practice my photography skills as well as my production skills as I had to edit the magazine pages to practice for my final project. This project allowed me to gain knowledge on different camera angles and movements that enhance a photo. The applications that I us

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Final Magazine!!!!!

Layout Double Page of Spread

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Final Feature Story

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